Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google News Tests Trending Topics

Google is already taking a page out of Twitter's playbook with the recent launch of Buzz, which lets everyone on Gmail broadcast public status updates, share links, blog posts, photos, videos, and more. But Google, which tried and failed to buy Twitter last year, is still studying its various features and building some of them into its own services. The next one it might borrow from Twitter is trending topics. Twitter exposes the keywords people are using the most or growing fastest at any given time under Trending Topics in the sidebar or in Twitter search. Now some people are noticing similar trending topics in the left sidebar of Google News when they are logged in. Joe Hobot captured the screenshot at left on his blog. Some of the trending topics earlier today were "Greece" (which is considering an economic austerity plan) "Iran" (which is facing U.N. sanctions over its nuclear program), "Mobile Technology" and "smartphones" (no doubt due to the Mobile World Congress kicking off in Barcelona today). Google already shows the relative popularity of news topics in Google Trends, but showing them in Google News is probably more helpful.The trending topics, though, appear to be part of a larger redesign. We've been getting other reports and images of a Google News redesign bucket test. (See image below). The redesign also has personalization options which let you customize Google News by location or category (business, world, etc.). Of course, MyYahoo did this ten years ago, but it's good to see Google News finally getting around to letting people personalize their news pages. Update: A Google spokesperson confirms it's been testing the new design since early February: "At Google, we run anywhere from 50 to 200 experiments at any given time on our websites all over the world. Right now, we are running a small test of a new Google News homepage design." And Search Engine Roundtable posted a similar screenshot on Friday.CrunchBase InformationGoogle NewsTwitterInformation provided by CrunchBase

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital photo frames- perfect valentine’s gift!

A photo just grabs your memories and helps you to see in future. Earlier you had to have one picture in a silver frame staring at you on your desktop. We are now fully in the age of the digital camera and with that comes a plethora of ways to view your favorite photos. One of the most popular ways is a digital photo frame.

Gifts make your love ones happy whatever be the occasion and digital photo frames be a perfect choice. They are usually quite expensive on the high street so they have a very high perceived value. Luckily for UK businesses, they are much less expensive when purchased in larger quantities as promotional gifts. You may also get a photo effect online all you need it to make a proper search on your favorite engine.

Digital Photo Frames are the new craze that has been hitting the market within the last year or so. With the decrease in price of digital camera, the digital frame got popularity. A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer. Digital frame is best source of displaying digital camera picture in different styles. First of all compare all photo frame templates available then only make a payment. These are providing a great way to display those fabulous shots without having to print them.

Photo frames are small monitors that display digital photos on an LCD screen. Most frames have screens that are five to ten inches. But, there are a few that are as large as 15 inches. Various features that are available in a digital photo frame include screen resolution, internal memory, frame styles, installed software, multiple viewing modes and memory card compatibility. Make a smart search and sites that offering online photo frames and add to cart to make a payment. It comes with rechargeable batteries. Some even have built-in mp3 players so that music can be played while certain pictures are displayed.

When shopping for a photo frame, it's best to see the different models in action before buying. There are quality differences and size differences that are hard to detect unless the unit is turned on and sample photos are displayed. This may be tough to accomplish, as many retailers are not providing shelf space because the products are still so new to the marketplace.